Once, there were a few followers who decided to get together and form a follow by which they would attract more followers. Success would be more true followers. They came up with a motto, “You’ll fit here!”

Their efforts brought more followers so they wrote a folstitution — in a follified form. After that, they picked up a leader, who had a degree in followology, and they surged ahead.

Things went followingly. More and more people came and soon they constructed a following place and hired more leaders. They fallowed, fillowed and fellowed away.

But with followers, there are two dangers. The first is hate; the second is love. This group fell by means of love.

The first followers bonded with the next followers and became the core followers who unwittingly repelled the new followers by their overly close following of each other. In other words, the followers followed the followers around too much.

And, the following shrank.

When one of their leaders pointed out that they had lost their way, they all agreed. It was obvious. There were now less of them. So they formed strategic strategies to again attract new followers. They created followerizing events, but they mostly just followed each other to and from and around these events .

The death nell rang for the organization when everyone who was left knew that they had lost the power to attract more followers but stayed in the follow anyway. They had grown so comfortable with their fellow, failed followers that they just couldn’t leave.

The motto they had begun to live by was “We fit here!” And they lived that out until there was only one of them left.


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