The Gazelle Who Married a Lion

Once their was a gazelle who married a lion. She met him when she found him in a field beaten near to death by a local pride. Right away she saw that he needed her.

She nursed him back to health, and then she fell in love with him. She told her gazelle girlfriends, “I just love taking care of sick things!” But she also liked the lion because he was fierce, wild and beautiful. He was indeed amazing: he was also an addict. He was addicted to running things down and killing them, not just for food, but for sport.

They made a home together. The hunted together. They had a family.

One night the lion came home from an unsuccessful hunt. He was angry. They argued. He mauled her. The wounded gazelle left the next day. Her girlfriends told her to never go back, but she did, and she took her gazelle-cubs back with her.

Things were good again for some time. Then her fierce lion love attacked one of her cubs. She left that night.

A week later she went back. She was lonely. She was out of food. And she told her girlfriends that the incident was her fault. She had made him mad. Moreover, he had apologized to her and told her how much he needed her.

When the gazelle got home, the lion promised it would never happen again. The next day, he ran her down in an open field and ate her.



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2 responses to “The Gazelle Who Married a Lion

  1. Hello,

    I would love to post this on my blog which deals with educating and exposing abuse.
    I would give all credit and post this exactly as written and link to this page.

    Could I get your premission?

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