The Individuos and the Groupos

Once within a time that fit inside another time, like one matryoshka doll nested inside of another, lived a pack of Individuofists.

They believed in being responsible! They put forward the compelling idea that everyone was responsible for their own behavior. The value of individualism was astonishingly obvious to them!

If a person made a mistake, that person should own the mistake and repair it. If a person made a success of something, that individuals hard work created the success. They didn’t hold to handouts, to entitlements or to living in Harmony Societies.

Within that time, existed another time, and it housed a snarl of Groupogamists who believed differently.

They strongly believed that everyone was responsible for everyone else. If a person made a mistake, the group gathered around them, to help them and encourage them and to own the problem and the solution. If a person had a success, it was understood as a systemic, societal and social success.

For them, no one either failed or made progress alone. They didn’t hold to individual medals, to top dogs or to living at Walden Pond.

In the course if time, it was inevitable that the groups would meet and they did, as time ran on into time.

It didn’t go well.

“The world is individuistical!” said the Individuofists.

“The world is grouponomous!” said the Groupogamists.

“Groupo!” the Groupos chanted.

“Individuo!” the Individuos rejoined.

“Flufficate!” the G’s insisted.

“Mummificate!” the I’s countered.

And then it happened.

In all the yelling and stumping and politicizing one of the Individuos snuck off with one of the cute Groupos who also had taken a break from all the yelling, and they sat down on the grass by a pretty stream and hobnobbed, consociated and fraternized for a bit.

That led to making eye contact, which led to smiling, which led to some nervous confabulating, which led to some hilarious mockifying and a bit if scornificating, which progressed into some loud guffawing followed by some perfectly delicious kissing, which of course led to snuggling, which in a trending manner led to the most shocking thing the world had ever seen up to that time, cross-over-marrying and the vain production of groupo-individuo offspring!

This was unbelieveable, and unacceptable, to both sides, and so the indies came from one side and the groupies from the other side with weapons, and they fell upon the groupo-individuo family and slaughtered them all.

After that, and a bit of cleaning up, the two groups marched in rank and file back to their own matryoshkas and groupificated and individuated and political partificated, as they were want to do, and finished off the day with a bit of pompo-distinctiobufricating and a fair amount of justiofamification too.


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